Advanced Linguistics Services and Language Training

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Advanced Linguistics Services isn’t a university, and we aren’t a help-wanted ad publisher. Our only motivation is to find our clients’ needs and meet them efficiently and effectively. We provide the people, training, and testing that lets our clients focus on business and not on language.

Advanced Linguistics Services was founded by an experienced linguist having decades of linguistic experience working with the US military in different theater envoirnments, with a deep understanding that language and linguists are vital part of mission success and that accurately conveyed message can save lives, and the opposite can endanger lives. Therefore Advanced Linguistics Services is created with the pricinple goal to provide customized and mission critical language services with accuracy and reliability. Our clients range from the U.S. Federal Government to the largest linguist support providers in the world. If language is hindering the flow of information around, into or out of your organization, Advanced Linguistics Services can help


We find, test, train, and place people with those vital real-world skills

Sometimes you need people who have language skills now.But how you can assess someone’s language ability .Anyone can call themselves “fluent” and show you a degree.But in the real world, degrees are often next to useless.If someone doesn’t know how locals talk,and how they expect you to talk,their language “skills” are not worth much.We find,test,train, and place people with those vital real-world skills.Don’t take any chances,get the best.Get ALS.

Global reach

What if the best person for your open position is a local, thousands of miles away? Don’t limit yourself to a geographical region, and don’t limit your search to the kind of person you expect. Limit yourself only to the best possible candidate. ALS has the know-how, the people, and the tools to span the globe in search of your next hire.

Language Training

Learn in person or online: the choice is yours
ALS isn’t a university,we don’t train people to pass tests or fill in verb conjugation sheets. We train people to use languages in real-world situations, interacting with real people, to get real work done. We emphasize communicative ability (understanding and being understood) as well as accuracy (using the right words for the right situation). Our students learn to speak to ambassadors and village elders, as well as farmers and taxi drivers. Language isn’t one size fits all, and language training shouldn’t be either. If you need real world skills, come to ALS.Contact us to get started.

Learn in person or online: the choice is yours

We offer language lessons face-to-face in one of our learning centers, or in live online lessons. While one-on-one training is the fastest way to learn, we also offer group lessons. We provide our students with recordings of training sessions and written materials for review plus continuous feedback and consultation. Training in local cultures is always part of the curriculum. We also offer detailed progress reports for corporate and government agency clients.

Modern techniques and technology

We utilize current best teaching practices in all of our classes and written learning materials to match your particular goals. At ALS, one size does not fit all.

Flexible Scheduling

Learning a new language requires a commitment of time: We’ll work with you to create the most effective schedule for your needs. Whether our trainers work with you in person or online, they are dedicated to your individual progress.